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Passport & Visa

All travelers to India must posses a valid passport, except nationals of Nepal and Bhutan, who need identification papers. It is advisable to carry your passport on your person all the while in India for identification requirements.


All foreign tourists to India, except nationals of Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh, must posses a valid Visa. Visa is not issued on Arrival. The cost of the Visa is US$ 40 for up to six months, US$ 65 for up to one year and US$ 130 for more than one year and up to five years. Contact the Indian embassy or consulate in your country for issuing of Visas.


A tourist Visa is valid for 3 to 6 months which allows multiple entries to simplify visits to neighboring countries. You will be required to fill in a disembarkation card on your way to India, which will have to be submitted at the immigration counter at the entry airport. Tourist Visa is non-extendable and non-convertible.


Foreign tourists travelling in groups of not less than four, under a recognised travel agent can be granted Tourist Visa without prior refernce, or even granted collective Visa for tourism to India. In such cases the following procedure may be adopted:

(a) The agency sponsoring the group should furnish four copies of a list containing the full name, address, date and place of birth and passport particulars of each member of the group to the indian mission in the country from which the tour starts, at least three days prior to the date of daparture.

(b) After necessary checks, the mission will stamp a Collective Visa and it will not be necessary to stamp each individual passport. Three copies of the list will be returned to the sponsoring agency.

(c) the person in-charge of the tourist group will hand over two copies of the list to the immigration authority at the point of arrival in India.

(d) the agents in india will also have to furnish a list of the members of the group atleast four hours before the arrival of the flight to the immigration authority. This will facilitate an advance check of the additions before arrival of the flight.

(e) In case where the tourists group splits into smaller groups for travel to different parts within India, the immigration authority would grant a collective 'license to travel' listing the particulars of the members of the small groups.

Foreign tourists in groups of four or more arriving by sea or air, sponsored by recognised india travel agency and with a pre-drawn itinerary, may be granted a collective landing permit for a specified period of time on the the written requets of the travel agency. However, landing permits do not entitle Israeli group tourists to visit the state of Jammu & Kashmir unless they are specifically cleared by the Ministry Of Home Affairs.


This visa is issued for a maximum period of 15 days with single or double entry facilties. Transit visa cannot be obtained from immigration counters at ports of entry of india. It is non-extendble.


A foreigner can obtain it from an Indian embassy abroad. A multiple-entry Business Visa is valid for 5years, provided he/she wants to come for business. Foreigners of Indian origin can obtain a 5 year multiple-entry Visa for business, to meet their relatives., etc. This Visa is normally granted for one or more years with multiple enteries. A letter from the sponsoring organisation indicating the nature of busienss, probable duartion of stay, places and organisation to be visited incorporating therein a gaurantee to meet maintenance expenses, etc. should accompany the application.


This can be obtained from the Indian embassy on the production of the proof of admission and means of sustenance while in India. This Visa is valid for one year but can be extended in India for the duration of the course or five years whichever is less. Change of purpose and institution are not permissible.


Delegates coming to attend international conferences in India can be granted Conference Visa to cover the conference as well as for tourism pupose. Delegates are advised to apply to the Indian embassies in advance.


Foreigners wanting to come to India for employment should apply for an Employment Visa issued by Indian missions. Initially granted for one year, it can be extended in India upto the period of ontract.


As a rule, no extension of stay is granted on a Tourist Visa. Tourist Visa is available for a period of 180days. No charges are levied for Visa extension within the maximum period of 180days. Identical passport photographs are required. However, in case of an extension beyond 180days which is allowed only in exceptional cases, an extension fees which varies from country os charged. In case a foreign tourist has obtained extension beyond three months of stay in India, he will have to surrender his Certificate of Registration and Residential permit before leaving India.